Exosome therapy is a revolutionary, non-surgical medical treatment to address pain caused by joint and soft tissue injuries and degeneration.

Based on stem cell research, exosomes are like efficient little “transmitter” cells that promote your body’s natural growth, healing and repair mechanisms.

How do exosomes work?

Smaller than a typical human cell, exosomes travel throughout your body signaling dormant stem cells to begin producing the cells required to heal injured or degenerated tissues.

They aid in the flow of protein, lipids, and genetic material needed to improve the function and physiology of your body’s own cells.

What conditions can benefit from exosome therapy?

Exosomes can be used to treat a variety of conditions that are causing you pain and holding you back from enjoying your life to its fullest. Exosome therapy can be used to treat:

Joint pain and dysfunction
Cartilage, ligament and tendon damage
Knee injuries
Meniscus damage
Muscle tears
Nerve injuries
Cartilage degeneration caused by arthritis and other diseases
Shoulder conditions, like rotator cuff inflammation or injuries

What can I expect from exosome therapy?

First you will meet with Dr. Eugene Rajaratnam who will gather a medical history, evaluate your concerns and perform and exam. Once he determines exosome therapy is right for you, he will schedule your session.

Treatment takes 30-60 minutes depending upon the area being treated. Most patients experience significant improvement after just one session. You will be able to resume your normal activities immediately after treatment.

Exosome treatment is extremely safe with a very low risk of rejection or negative reaction.